Friday, September 8, 2017

My August or Why I Haven't Been Posting on FLY PAPER

So I took the last few weeks off. During that time, I made no attempt to report on my blog what I was up to... I just enjoyed the summer. Here are a few photos:
(FYI, I'm back in the saddle now and I'll have a hurricane update as soon as Irma churns thru the Bahamas today.)

Onto my activities in August:

I got to spend a couple days fishing with my old friend Brett Smith.

...who is a fantastic angler, fly tier and guide, by the way.

I spent quite a few days fishing in the Bighorn Mountains for cutts' and 'bows...

...I also spent some days pursuing big browns on our prairie streams.

August's weather was incredible and I enjoyed a steady parade of wildlife.

The sandhill cranes enjoyed the alfalfa fields in front of our house all summer.

This big buck spent many hours trying to get the seeds from our bird feeders.

...and apparently made some plans for fall

He will have some competition!

Meanwhile, out in the prairies...
The antelope were happily enjoying the deep grasses and sage.

and the Chukkar are a welcome sight... good news for fall!

...a few other visitors are always less welcome
Next, my eclipse day....

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