Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Havana, Cuba: More Photos

Recently, as you probably know, the rules were relaxed making it much more easy for American citizens to visit Cuba. The influx of visitors from the states has begun! Hopefully, with the tourist hoards on their way, the wonderful friendliness of the Cuban people will not be lost.

The cruise shops have begun to arrive...

and the Americans are coming....

The Cubans that try to shake down tourists are dealt with harshly.

Music is part of the culture

We visited Hemingway's favorite bar, La Bodeguita del Medio, for dinner and a few mojitos. The food, music and dancing were great!

Yes, the Cubans do love their cigars!

There are signs of the revolution everywhere... if a bit tattered and frayed at the edges.

At the Museum of the Revolution, American presidents along with the deposed Cuban president Batista are called cretins and for solidifying the opposition, the "best friends of the revolution".

Baseball and football rule the sports world in Cuba

I have no idea why this young couple was having their wedding photos taken right in the middle of traffic!

Warriors at the boxing academy... we just happened to see a guy running (see next photo to see the weakling). W saw him duck into a building so our curiosity was piqued. We peeked in the door to find men of many weight classes intently following the instructions of their trainer.

Want to box this dude?

Scissor sharpening

Sara passed out pens and paper pads to these children: this father wanted one for his daughter.....

The little girls immediately began writing. She was thrilled and so very cute.

A salsa lesson. We peeked in and watched. The women were good.... the men, not so much!

Thanks Sara, this was a wonderful trip!!