Thursday, May 26, 2016

Big Bone Caught on South Andros by Jonathan Farber

Jonathan Farber caught this huge bonefish with guide, Dingy, in the Curly Cuts area on the southern tip of South Andros. Jonathan was fishing out of Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge a couple weeks ago. Jonathan estimated the fish at 12 lbs.

Bill Howard, owner of Mars bay Bonefish Lodge, thought the fish went a bit more than 12 lbs. All I know is this is one big bonefish!


Bill reported:
Here are some pics below of Jonathan Farber's big bone. The weight is a guess. The fish is 28 inches to the fork. I have a mount on the wall that's identical I got from Kingfish Mounts. It was their largest mount they estimated at 12-14 lbs. Several big fish were caught this season but Jonathan's was the biggest and his personal best.
Congratulations Jonathan from both of us!

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