Saturday, February 13, 2016

Agua Boa Lodge 2016: More Photos from Our Last Two Days

On our second to the last day, Scott Sawtelle and I hiked into a small lago where our burley guide, Preto, had built a raft out of some trees he had felled with a machete (no small task). He had strapped the trees together with vines and bits of collected cordage. The buoyancy of his creation was augmented with an air mattress he had slid between the logs. Unfortunately the mattress sprung a leak so we had to be constantly pumping a small foot pump to keep our feet above water. At the end of a circumnavigation of the lake, we had to muck thru knee deep mud to reach shore. Not an adventure for every angler, but it sure was a hell of a lot of fun!

Foot pump!

Stand on the air mattress inadvertently and you're in the drink.

Wading thru the muck

Back to the main river.


Tapir tracks


Blue and Yellow Macaws

This spectacled caiman was run down by Pedro, our long time friend and guide. Pedro pinned the caiman with his poling stick! When you pick up a caiman you want to make sure you have a good hold on it!

Pedro and Anna

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