Friday, February 12, 2016

Agua Boa Lodge 2016: More Photos from the Amazon

I decided to post a ton of photos from this years Amazon trip so it's going to take a few days to do so. I'll post expanded captions as a way of explaining some of the better moments of which there were many. I hope you enjoy them.

Dawn on the Agua Boa River. It's cool and calm.

This giant Amazonian otter had recently killed a 10 lb. peacock bass. We didn't know this when we spotted the otter, but we thought it odd that he refused to leave the area and hung around near our boat while we fished the bank. We were later to learn this fully grown male (approx. 75 lbs.) was guarding an important prize. We finally saw the big peacock on shore hidden under a log jam. An eagle had its eye on the fish too and watched every move the otter made.

Tim Lee and Brian Haberstock headed downriver heat starts to fill the morning air

John Riggs probes with a popper

Almost invisible bats
Self portrait

Dog fish

 Caimen magic: Now you see the popper... you don't! 
Catch and release caiman popper fish may be the most fun you can have fishing, I guess you would call it crocodiling.


One afternoon, Peter Greenleaf and I caught over 60 borboleta peacocks from 2-7 lbs. on a small shallow, lago! The piranha were a constant nuisance. I lost a sink tip to one, but the fun we had was worth the loss. Simply spectacular!!

Joseph catching some tasty matrichan off the dock on pieces of apple.


In case I forget as I post these photos, my thanks to all my fellow trip members! We had a great time and some great fishing despite the low water. To Peter Greenleaf, Jim Young, Nancy Keil, Doug Jeffries, Scott Sawtelle, Anna and John Riggs, Brian Haberstock, "Pops" Bahorich, Tim Lee and Dan "Twig" Smith... you all were a pleasure to be with. To our guides Caboco, Preto, Samuel, Pedro, Bacaba, Joseph, our hosts Charlie and Carlos and the many people behind the scenes that makes this great lodge work, many many thanks.