Saturday, April 4, 2015

Another BIG Permit Caught at Water Cay

Just got this brief trip report from my old friend Bill Ellis. He and his friends do a bonefish trip every year! I think I've know these guys since the early 90's! I was thrilled to see yet another BIG permit caught at Water Cay!

Hi Scott,

We had a good trip to Water Cay.  We saw lots of fish each day and had many shots.  The catching was a bit challenging due to the high winds.  The guides were great as usual.  We had several shots at permit, and Hank V. got this beauty on a bonefish fly.  The fish was trailing the wing of a ray.
Please let me know the availability for next year for the last week in March and the first two weeks in April, for a party of 6.  Also, what the tides are those weeks?


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  1. We've seen that permit! Remember that big beast that went swimming by us about 40mph? Well, it looked like that one anyway. What a great fish. That's Sidney again too isn't it?