Monday, September 8, 2014

Trout Eating a Blue Winged Olive

Let me tell you.. it is tough to get a photo of a rising trout just before he takes a natural off the surface. I keep trying, but I've only gotten this event a few times. Sunday on the North Fork of the Tongue, it was close, but no cigar:

I did catch the fish, but the photo eluded me:

He turned out to be a beautiful 18 inch cuttbow who ate my #18 blue dun like a champ. This was after I spent a half hour trying to get a photo of him as he voraciously sucked in naturals in the little back eddie pictured above. 


  1. Ansel Adams sat for days in front of his tripod on cold, wet, windswept granite monoliths in Yosemite to get just the right light for his black and white photos. So buck-up little buckaroo and get back out there behind the lens and wait...and wait...and then wait some more.

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