Thursday, September 25, 2014

FISH XXIII 2014: Photos From Days 2 and 3

The next two days were simply perfect. Cloudless blue skies, very little wind, clear water under warm air and lots of fish caught mainly on hoppers, but also on droppers when the surface action slowed down.

I fished two picture perfect streams. The first tight with  willows bending out over riffles. It had quick little slicks and lots of fish looking up. The second day's stream was larger and quite beautiful. It meandered through grassy cut banks and sparkling runs. When the FISH members made their fish reports each night, our mantra was... "small stream fishing just doesn't get any better than this". 

There were lots of 14-16 inch fish and just enough over 20 to keep you on your toes. My biggest fish for these two days was a 23.9999 inch brown buck that was as deep as he was long... A great thrill on a 4 wt.!



and just another 18" fish!

I couldn't quite call him 24"...

But you couldn't tell by his tail

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