Thursday, September 4, 2014

AMAZON 2015: Two spots are now available

Agua Boa River, Brazil
January 31 to February 7, 2015.
If you have ever wanted to fish the Amazon for peacock bass, this is your chance!!

This winter, we will once again be hosting a trip to Brazil's amazing Agua Boa River. Angling Destinations has hosted a trip to this beautiful river every winter since 2005 and for a very good reason... we consider this adventure to be one of the top five trips in the fly fishing world. The lodge can take 12 anglers per week and this trip traditionally books up very quickly. But due to a recent cancellation, WE NOW HAVE TWO SPOTS AVAILABLE!!! 

Last winter's trip was terrific. We have the same week, the first week of February, reserved for our 2015 trip! This week is the very peak of the season and we've worked hard over the years to secure this week for our groups. Last year, we had a wonderful group of enthusiastic anglers who enjoyed lots of sight fishing opportunities. Many of the anglers on next winter's trip are repeat visitors. They are coming back to once again experience this clear blackwater tributary of the Amazon River. They want to experience once again the ample opportunities for all three species of peacock bass including the butterfly, the spotted and the temenis.

Experienced anglers consider peacock bass to be one of the strongest gamefish in the world. They are known for ferocious topwater strikes, gill-rattling jumps and unstoppable runs. In addition to peacock bass, other species include payara, piranha, pirarucu, aruana, jancunda and countless other species. This fishery is world class and should be experienced by any dedicated fly angler.

Accommodations will be in roomy, air-conditioned cottages equipped with private baths. Anglers are guaranteed a long fishing day, experienced guides and a friendly and flexible Brazilian staff. If you’ve always dreamed about fishing the Amazon Basin, this is your chance to do it in style.

If you're interested in this great adventure, the 2014 trip report and all the previous year's trip reports (including lots of photos) are available on Scott's blog:

To see these trip reports go here:
(please see the bottom of the post for all the links or call us and we'll make sure you get them).

and here are a few more photos from last winter's trip:

If interested, call us at 800-211-8530 for details
Limit 12 anglers. 
January 31 to February 7, 2015.

The 2015 price for 7 nights with 6 days fishing is $5,750.00.


  1. I hope some of you are considering this trip. If you need a little shove in the right direction I'm your huckleberry. This Amazon trip is by far my favorite trip world wide. The fishing is fantastic with all four peacock bass, plus arawana, several big catfish, payara (the one with the big vampire teeth), lots of other exotic fish, and of course the grail - hundred pound pirarucu. But for my nickel the jungle and all it's wildlife is the real draw. You'll see tapir, several species of monkeys, snakes, lizards, frogs, butterflies, and birds...birds you cannot see any where else. And the grail in this section is the jaguar. They see several every season.

    I'm going again and can't wait. Join us.

  2. Thanks Doug!
    Love your reference to Doc Holiday from one of my favorite movies!
    I'll add the giant Amazonian otter to your list of very cool wildlife you'll most probably see on this trip. Doug, you still have the best jaguar sighting EVER!!

  3. And the pink river dolphins! And caiman that try to eat your peacock bass and when that fails they try to eat your boat. And mata matas and river turtles and harpy eagles and ornate eagle hawks. Spotted sting rays. Capybaras. And the afternoon caiparihnas delivered to the dock. The dancing girls...wait, that's a different trip. The good stuff just doesn't end.