2014… We Return to the Sea Hunter

All of us had been waiting for this trip for a full year. After our superb trip last spring aboard the Sea Hunter, we all agreed to do it again this year, but on a different island group! Our goal this time was to explore, in one week, as much of Crooked and Acklins Islands as we could fit in. We did a pretty good job as you'll see in the next few posts. We fished some of the most remote bonefish flats in the Bahamas and made it to the legendary Diana Banks too.
In this post, it's our arrival day. Tomorrow I'll post our first full fishing day, then it's off to explore the bluewater on the Diana Banks, then it's back to the flats on Crooked Island and we'll finish up on Acklins Island. So please, stay tuned...

The endless flats of Crooked and Acklins Islands

We arrived with no problems and after collecting Doug Jeffries and Steve Peskoe at the Colonel Hill Airport (Steve and Doug had spent a couple days at Grey’s Point Bonefish Inn), we made our way to one of my favorite villages in the Bahamas... Landrail Point.

With all our group and all our luggage finally together!

The Sea Hunter was anchored in the neon blue waters just a bit north of the village. As we stowed our gear, the crew pulled anchor and we were on our way pointed north. After passing the old lighthouse (1876) at Pittstown Point, we swung east towards our intended anchorage at Atwood Harbour.

Bird Rick Lighthouse
Rigged and ready!
Four hours later, we dropped anchor in the harbour giving us enough time to fish a couple hours before dinner. The tide was high, but falling and the flats that within easy reach were very soft and blanketed in the low, flat light of late afternoon. I had a couple good shots, but came-up empty handed (except for one small dink that literally chased down my fly just as I was lifting my rod to make a backcast).

A sweet little blackfin tuna
Big knife, small tuna
Superb: stick rice, wasabi and tuna all dipped in soy

Ready for some down time, we headed back to the Sea Hunter. While we had been bonefishing, the crew had been out diving and fishing so after showers and a beer we were treated to an appetizer of blackfin tuna sashimi, followed by a superb dinner of hogfish and some much needed rest.