Grand Slam and More at Los Roques

From Doug and Cassie Root who just got back from Los Roques... a big bone, a big permit and a very nice tarpon to fill out a Grand Slam. And, if that wasn't enough, he connects with a good 'cuda, ...ON A FLY! 
And have a look at the size of his triggerfish!
Doug's report proves my contention that Los Roques is an unexplored mecca for big permit!!
Thanks Doug for the report and congratulations!! 
Here is Doug's report:

Thanks again for organizing a great trip.  We had a fantastic time and everything was very smooth and totally easy as you promised. You are not going to believe it, but I landed a grand slam on Thursday. I hooked the permit at 9:23 AM, landed him by 10 AM and ran around and hooked up a bonefish and tarpon and was done by 11:40 AM.  We went looking for snook in the afternoon for the super slam, but couldn’t find any unfortunately. 

Here are some pics from the trip.  The triggerfish and the 'cuda were awesome as well. We only saw one triggerfish on the flats the entire trip!  We will have to figure out the next big adventure soon. 

Thanks again,
Doug Root

Los Roques has some big bones!... one for Doug.
...and one for Cassie!
... and more permit than people know!

The permit fly was a nothing fly. It was one of two flies that Javier had on his hat and after looking through my boxes of hundreds of flies he went to "old faithful". It is the green one in the attached picture. It barely has any thread left on it at this point. The permit ate on a long strip. It is a pretty random fly to say the least.

My wife loved the trip and had a blast. She fished really hard and loved every minute of it. Of course, I landed the slam on the one day she took off. She didn’t believe me when I came back to the posada. I had to break out the camera to convince her I wasn’t messing with her. 

A ratty fly on Javier's ratty hat!
... and some solid tarpon!
...geez that is a big trigger!
...and a 'cuda just to round it out!