Trip Report from Inagua

Thanks to Doug Behrman for this this report from his November trip to Inagua in the Bahamas:

Here are a couple of pictures from my trip last week. Thanks for putting us on these big boys!! 11lb. bone and 20+ lb permit!!  Enjoyed the tarpon fishing in the lake and look forward to getting into the snook the next time we come.  A monster bonefish that wouldn't eat still haunts me.  That would have easily been the largest bonesfish ever taken on fly.  Could have added that to my world record list!!  Already making plans for next year!!

We didn't have good tides or cooperative weather, but we had some great opportunities, caught a few really good fish, and can see what it would be like if we could have some cooperation from those two elements.  We had to deal with 20--30 mph winds the whole trip.  Would really like to be there when it was dead calm, Ezzard says the permit really tail in those conditions.

Looking forward to a yearly pilgrimage to Inagua.
Thanks so much,