Jon Toft: Crooked Island Trip Report

     I just received this great trip report on Crooked Island in the Bahamas. I received this report from my friend Jon Toft. Jon went to Crooked with his wife Tracey last year and they were eager to get back to this beautiful island (which is a perfect spot for adventuresome couples) again this spring. They had another great trip this year as you can read in his report. Thanks for filing the report Jon!
     I first met Jon at the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge while peacock bass fishing. Jon was then the European manager for the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge and performed that job for 3 ½ yearsJon lives in Switzerland and operates Have a Go Fly Fishing a guiding service for those who wish to enjoy the beautiful rivers, streams, and lakes of Switzerland. 
     Jon originates from the English county of Nottinghamshire where he grew up fishing the local River Trent. On leaving school in 1982, Jon moved some 150 miles south west to the picturesque area of Ross-on-Wye where he worked as a gamekeeper for several years. It was during this time he was introduced to fly fishing by both his gamekeeping colleagues and the local gillie on the famous river Wye. After moving to Switzerland in 2001, Jon began to explore the fly fishing possibilities and found some fantastic fishing in his backyard! 
     So if you ever find yourself in Europe and want to  spend some time fishing with a great guide in one of the most beautiful spots on earth, get in touch with my friend Jon! He is a great guy and is a lot of fun to fish with. He is located about 30km (25 minutes) south of Zurich and 15 km (20 minutes) from Zug.
Jon's website is: Have a Go Fly Fishing