Friday, September 7, 2018

Jim Woollett's column on Sculpin Biology in Flyfishing and Tying Journal

From my good friend Jim Woollett comes a great article on sculpin biology from the last issue of Flyfishng and Tying Journal.

Jim is the Riddles of the Hatch columnist for the Fly Fishing and Tying Journal, a quarterly magazine by Amato Publications.  With a background in fish and wildlife biology, he writes with a particular bend: In Jim's own words, 

“Fly anglers tend to have a holistic look at the world; a deep-seated belief in optimism and the economics of productivity.  Science is cool as long as it’s translatable. Everyone should be able to find a sweet blue line on a map and set out with confidence knowing what the local cafeteria is serving (fish foods) and fly choices.”  
Jim is a great fisherman and has been all over the fly fishing world with me. Jim is "fishy" as hell, knows his fish biology and has a great sense of humor. So there are three reasons (if you are interested in trout and what they eat) I would start reading Jim's column. I also love the magazine so you might consider a subscription too!

Professor Woollett makes his rod selection for the day in Cuba!


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