Saturday, September 9, 2017

Hurricane Irma Update

The first island in the Bahamas to be hit was INAGUA ISLAND.
 Marine Superintendent Stevie Fawkes, believed to have been posted in Inagua by the RBDF, claimed: "We have millions in dollars damage to Morton Salt."
The post added: "All of the catwalks from Morton Salt terminal are gone, the maintenance shop is severely damaged, all of our salt production stackers were totally destroyed."
The post also suggested that 70 per cent of the homes in Inagua sustained some degree of roof damage; a claim confirmed by Police Superintendent James Moss, contacted by The Tribune this afternoon.
Supt Moss said based on his initial tour of the island this evening, rooves were lost, none more severe than at the Inagua All-Age School.
He told The Tribune: "Several structures, including the school, have lost sections of their roof. The issue at the school is of major concern. Based on what I could see, the administration block and several of the classrooms have sustained extensive roof damage"
He added: "There is some concerns at other places, mainly Morton Salt, but we are unable to clarify what exactly happened or the extent of it.
This video is brand new and I couldn't download it yet:

5.35pm UPDATE: CROOKED ISLAND easily weathered Hurricane Irma
resident David Daxon said. 
"There wasn't much damage," he told The Tribune 5.30pm Friday. "People have lost shingles off their roof but no major structural damages and no injuries to persons."
Mr Daxon, works at Bahamas Power and Light (BPL), said electricity is off on the island and a BPL team is currently doing damage assessments.
"Everything is normal," he said. "This was nothing compared with Hurricane Joaquin. Once you've experienced Joauqin I don't know if it could get any worse."
Mr Daxon chose not to evacuate the island. Although he was in New Providence earlier this week, he returned to his home to properly secure it. BTC communications are still up on the island, he said.
Same with this one on Inagua that shows the aftermath.

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