Monday, July 31, 2017

Amazing Fish!

Scott Sawtelle caught this 41 lb. black drum in 30 inches of water on a nine wt. rod strung with 6' sink tip. He was guided by Greg Moon of St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana. 
Scott said in a text message to me from the skiff right after the fish was released:

"the red (redfish) and black drum are something to behold!... seeing a 20 lb. to 30 or even up to 40 lb fish in 1-2 feet of water is amazing. The problem is they only experience good weather about 35% of the year. The rest of the time they have one or two major things against them like water color, tides, storms, rain, wind etc.."

Looks like Scott accepted these odds and was rewarded handsomely. 

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