Thursday, February 12, 2015

Day 2: Agua Boa Amazon Lodge 2015

Gude Bacaba with a BIG peacock!

On our second day, I fished with my old friend Doug Jeffries, Bacaba and an ever-changing, but constant parade of exotic birds.  Our morning included a couple of very large peacocks and a snagged Amazonian sting ray. These beautiful rays have a huge barb for their size in their tail. This toxic barb can be driven deep into the flesh and cause intense pain.

Beautiful... but dangerous

Bacaba kept this ray at arm's length!

Tiger Heron

After Bacaba carefully released the ray, I was probing the shore when a big "spotty" (spotted or paca peacock) ambushed my fly just off a maze of branches near the end of a long lagoon. To keep him from returning to the tangle of branches, I clamped down hard with my line hand, but not hard enough. The pain was immediate as the line sawed through my sunglove including the leather patch on one of my fingers. Yes, I was left with a nasty line burn, but also an "about-as-big-as-they-get" spotted peacock of almost 11 lbs

Paca Peacock

Flashtail Whistler

"A fair trade", I thought. A big caiman watched and seemed to agree.




  1. Great photos and sounds like another successful adventure. Can't wait to see more!

  2. Heh heh, I forgot about that sting ray. Another good reason to pinch down the barb. The guides are really cautious of those things - probably more than any other creature. We had a rather tame day for us - compared to past adventures. I attribute that to it being our first full day and we needed to get our peacock jones satisfied.

    That's a really good photo of the baby tern. I finally got mine sorted and will send a cd soon. Thanks for sharing a boat with me.

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