Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Amazon 2015: Photos from the Fish Market in Manaus and Day 1 on the River.

Some of us came in a day early and decompressed with a relaxing day in Manaus. We visited the fish market and the opera house then enjoyed a great dinner before it was off to the river in the morning. We were fishing by 10:00 AM which added almost a full day to our week! All these peacocks shown below came from our "bonus" day. I had 6 fish over 10 lbs. on this first day with one tipping the scales at 16 lbs.! My trip was made before it even started! 

A trio of piraucu (arapaimaya). The monster of the Amazon rivers

piraucu (arapaimaya). A hint of things to come.

Surabim catfish

Loading up to get back on the river.

The pilot's GPS.

A visitor for lunch.

The birdlife is amazing!

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