Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Water Cay Lodge: It's Not Just The Fishing!

A really heart warming report from Dr. Curt Killar from his recent trip to Water Cay Lodge on Grand Bahama Island. As he said it has been "….almost two decades with AD!". Wow, time flies when you having fun! Thanks so much for the very kind comments Curt!

It's not just the fishing! ...As you get older and the needle is on the wrong side of 50, your perspective changes. The days of winning the game, the lowest score or even the biggest fish has changed to how enjoyable was the experience. With that said, we just got back from our annual fishing trip to Water Cay Lodge and had great fishing with Sidney, Ezra and Greg. This is our third year in row with them and we have never been disappointed. Thanks guys!
Example "A" the 10 lb. fish Doc Kev is holding/hugging in his arms. 

That is a BIG bone!

But this is a salute to friendship. Tony said it best, "I laugh more in one week than the rest of the year". Kev, Scott, Tl and Tony always keep things entertaining and because you're isolated on an island you must make your own entertainment. As always, we bring a baitrunner reel and a shark rod to cast off the dock at night. Telling the same stories from years past, having a bourbon with a cigar, catching lemons and blacktips at night is a blast. On Acklins, a few years ago, we landed a blacktip in the 150 lb. range off the public dock. Scott is our shark "wrangler" and is always helpful in the release (we've removed 90% of the hooks). 

This year Tony added "crabbing" to our after-fishing activities. With the help of some handy tongs, he caught close to 20 blue crabs. Besides being an important piece in the capture of Kev's fish, Kay steamed them up for us as an appetizer for our return from fishing the next day. YUM !

Tl's "fish on" tarpon night, fishing off the bridge in South Andros, the "cock fight" we were invited to in San Felipe, Kev's "Cuban" cigars in Mexico, field surgery on Tony's back to remove 4/0 cuda fly, the stories are endless because we have good friends and great places to fish thanks to Angling Destinations. I hope we have many stories to add to the list!

Can't wait for next year!

Curt Killar

….almost two decades with AD 

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