Sunday, March 2, 2014

Unusual Event Witnessed at Water Cay Lodge

Hi Scott,

Just got home from Water Cay Lodge.  Fishing was for the most part good.  Whenever the sun was out, I caught fish.  The last day was clear and calm in the morning and I caught fish as fast as I could land ‘em and get back up on the deck.  I bet I had nearly 20 hook-ups in a few hours.  All of a sudden 30 mph winds kicked up and fishing shut down. Sidney and I were fishing about a mile east of the lodge.  Heard some horrible squawking and not 75' away, a Peregrine Falcon attacked, drown and carried away a heron twice his size.
Always fun at Water Cay!

Chip Stringer


  1. Few things would be cooler to see than that. We're lucky peregrines don't grow 4 foot wing spans because humans would become their prey.

  2. yes, It would definitely add an element to bone fishing if you feared death from above!