Thursday, March 13, 2014

Christmas Island Builds New Bungalows

Christmas Island Outfitters has always been our choice for hard core anglers when visiting this incredible atoll. Why? It's all about the guides and their fishing program. Christmas Island Outfitters' guides are the island's most skilled and personable fly fishing guides. This guide cadre includes head guide Peter Kairaio, Betero, TJ, Beia. and the legendary guide Moana Kofe. All have excellent eyes for spotting fish, calm temperaments under pressure and are skilled instructors. By design, Christmas Island Outfitters has limited its program to no more than eight anglers per week. As a result, the lodge boasts a highly flexible flats fishing program that can take full advantage of varying tides and fishing conditions. The lodge is located halfway between the airport and London on a secluded section of beach.

In the past, the lodging with Christmas Island Outfitters was very basic: linoleum tile floors, windows with screens, ceiling fans, shower (with potentially slippery tile floors) and table with chairs. Nothing fancy, but sufficient for the sleep, eat, fish crew… the hardcore anglers who prioritize access, guides and good intel over amenities… but now we have some news that will represent a big step up in comfort, while still preserving the other "good stuff" mentioned above!

Christmas Island Outfitters are building brand new bungalows. Here are a few photos of the new rooms under construction. These photos were taken about a month ago. They should be complete by May. The rooms will be exceptionally nice by Christmas Island standards. Right on the beach, tile floors, solar hot water, A/C. It will be a big upgrade from the past. So now if you want to go to Christmas Island, you can do it with a bit more style and still have the other "good stuff" including great guides!

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