Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hopper Takes

Man, right now it's -13 and blowing 24 mph. I took my dog out for a walk along the creek this afternoon. He made it about 20 minutes before he started standing on three feet. Just too damn cold!

So we waddled home and watched San Francisco beat Green Bay while I loaded an Abel Super 7 with a WFF 8 wt. for the Amazon (which happens in 23 days).

Earlier, my wife, Sara, and I braved the negative temps to go to Big Horn Elementary School gym to practice her casting. "Taut line hand, be smooth, haul in short precise moves."  I think she is getting it! But man, on a day like today, I really miss summer!  

And what epitomizes summer better than the "I got to have it" take of a hopper obsessed trout! Right now, I miss those hot summer days and those stunning hopper takes. If you miss summer too, here are a few hopper moments that will hopefully, take the edge off winter!

Not So Subtle...
...and the too-cool-for-school take!

An overacheiver!

The perfect take

A long look!


  1. Worked for a day Scott, but then the Shack Nasties came back. Thanks anyways!