Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Another Permit Caught with The International Angler Group at Water Cay Lodge

As I said in my last post, Water Cay Lodge is quickly becoming one of the best spots in the Bahamas to catch a permit. We are consistently seeing permit and we've had quite a few caught this year. Enough that anglers should be "rigged and ready" for permit when they visit. The Water Cay Lodge guides are becoming more and more experienced with permit and definitely have been a big asset to those angers who have been lucky enough to get "hooked-up".

Greg Rolle and angler Mike Taylor celebrate!

In early November, a group from the International Angler in Pittsburgh, PA led by Franklyn Gorrell also had an angler lucky enough to catch a permit at Water Cay Lodge. Franklyn told me the anglers name is Mike Taylor and he is also from Pittsburgh. This was his first permit.  The fish was about 25 - 30 lbs.! 

Craven's Bonefish Junk

Mike's permit took a Craven’s " Bonefish Junk “ on the first cast with NO hesitation! Franklyn and Mike were guided by Water Cay Lodge guide Greg Rolle. Franklyn said Greg was very good with boat position and helped a great deal by talking Mike through the presentation. Greg also did a good job of keeping the boat close to the fish as it ran thus keeping most of the line out of the water. 

Franklyn Gorrell congratulates Mike Taylor!

The International Angler is a great source for gear and if you're looking for my Top 5 bonefsh flies, these guys stock Umpqua Flies and my Top 5. The staff has a great deal of experience in the Bahamas so they are a good source for info on flies, lines, leaders etc. Besides, they usuallly give Angling Desination clients a bit of a break! Try them, you'll like them:

The International Angler is at 412-788-8088 or



  1. If you keep posting reports like these last two I'm going to have to set up a standing, one week reservation at Water Cay. Congratulations to Sidney and Greg for putting their anglers on permit. It must be Ezra's turn now.

  2. They are seeing so many permit now Doug. Whether that is because now they are looking in different places and with a concentration brought on by their success or that there are actually more permit, who cares! They are seeing lots of permit and getting lots of shots!