Monday, October 14, 2013

Back for More!

 The streamer season began on Thursday and it was great!

So good, I went back for more yesterday. Initially, it was 47 degrees, then the temperature fell as the overcast sky was swallowed by spitting rain. 
Guess what? I didn't use a streamer all day! The browns and bows were eating nymphs early and by noon, a strong baetis hatch was on. Perfect! What is better than a fall baetis day? Cold hands, cold water, bugs everywhere and big fish acting like idiots... love it!

Today, the rain has morphed into a windy and raw fall storm. The streams are, once again, high and off color. I hope they are fishable again before winter sets in. But if not, what a couple of days I had!


  1. Scott, Those are some beautiful photos!

  2. I'm beginning to think you're rubbing it in that you're surrounded by frikking amazing trout fishing. It's almost like you knew I went out and caught one tiny two-and-half inch parr yesterday. I didn't even get a photo. I second Larry's note, beautiful colors in that batch of photos.

  3. Scott, nicer and nicer photography. What setup are you using? Camera? Polarizer? Macro?

  4. Thanks Guys! Beautiful fish in beautiful fall colors is hard to beat.
    Notice the Skoal can in the eddy with the rainbow. (2nd from bottom)... Now that is Wyoming!
    I'm using a relatively old Canon 40 D with a 10-22 Canon zoom lens, Great lens!