Friday, October 4, 2013

The Expected Storm

If you read my last post Pre-storm Fishing Today, you know I went fishing on Wednesday to get in a day of fishing before a major storm hit. 
Many of the readers of this blog asked me today how the storm turned out. If you didn't receive an e-mail or a call in response, it is because we had 10-12 inches of wet heavy snow from a very early-season blizzard. The storm rolled through last night.
At dawn, we had no cell service and no internet. But that certainly wasn't the worst of it. We could not get out of our driveway because of downed trees and limbs. Unfortunately, we had two ash trees, their still green leaves laden with wet heavy ice and snow, fall across our driveway. Heartbreaking... I loved those trees!
It is still snowing at 4:00 PM but I think the worst is over. We have lots of broken tree limbs and our neighborhood looks like a bomb went off!   
I should be able to get to work tomorrow, so if you tried to reach me today, this is why I could not answer you.

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