Friday, September 27, 2013


Today I again fished the Hohnholz Ranch with my old bud John Hoover. John is an accomplished angler equipped with a great sense of humor! This combination makes for a great day for anyone fishing with John, but especially ME. We leapfrogged runs and holes and checked in with each other during the pass-by. John is always good for a great quip while I'm leaping and I love watching him work a run while he's frogging.

Julie Carmichael, a long-time FISH member, calls us Obi-wan and Yoda. I'm not sure who is who, but to use John's parlance to describe John, "He knows his way around a fly rod."

In any case, the Hohnholz Ranch waters were higher due to yesterday's rains, but John and I fished hard and managed to catch a few "keepers". I used a hopper with a very bright San Juan worm as a dropper. Let's just say a few good fish found this colorful fly even in the off-color waters we encountered.
Another great day with FISH XXII!

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