Sunday, September 29, 2013

FISH: Day: Day 6

It got cold last night. It would have been tough to crawl from beneath my comforter in the morning, but having gotten a fire ready to light the night before in my cabin's stove, all I had to do was roll over, fire-up a match, and by first light, my cabin was toasty warm. When I left my cabin a half hour later, the first frost of the year for me coated my car.

Through a partially defrosted windshield, I saw Deeni Taylor, Chad Sukurs and Blake Dye already in their saddles at the corrals. They were on their way to the high country. While I sipped on a hot cup of coffee, I could see them climbing up into the mountains on the far side of the river.

For this second session of FISH, Jim Tilmant started off the day with another great clinic. Jim put more emphasis on the roll cast this time and with the sometimes tight quarters of the Laramie River on the attendees schedule for the day, everyone felt the clinic was very helpful.

After the clinic, Jim Snyder, Matt Jenkins and I took off upriver. Matt started us off with a fish that was too big for the shallow basket of his net. We had a tough time capturing this fish... it was like trying to pick up a hardboiled egg out of a pot with a teaspoon. Eventually, we succeeded, but just as we were about to click a photo, Matt's fish jumped out of the net and was gone. The same thing happened to the next fish we hooked so we made a note to get a good deep net from the guide shack at lunch.

Matt Jenkins with another nice bow

I spent most of my time helping Jim on this beautiful day, but in between guiding Jim through nymphing and casting techniques, I did manage to catch a hefty 'bow on a beetle which made my day! 

Thanks Jim and Matt for a great day!


  1. "Inspector Gadget" in the fourth photo doesn't have to worry about bears. I bet he jingles and jangles and clatters and clacks loud enough to hear for miles. Rule 22(a).1: It's never a bad thing to need a bigger net.

  2. Yes, the guys name is Scott Thompson.Great guide and a lot of fun! I loved his lanyard. Only a guide would have that. If you tried to fish with it, you would be tangled all the time!
    You should have seen us trying to land a 23" rainbow in a little shallow net designed for 16" trout. It was hilarious. Would have been better to beach them but there was no beach!