Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Bighorn River: I Had to Go Back

Another beautiful day as I headed into the Bighorn River Valley. 
Friday August 2... after my great day last Monday (see report here), I had to go back. After getting a shuttle and my kayak in the water, I paddled (with some difficulty) past the spots I had so successfully fished on Monday. I didn't start fishing until I got to the Corral Hole. Luckily, the black midge hatch was still on and a #18 sipper midge worked not only here, but at every spot I stopped at over the next two miles. 

A beautifully colored brown from head....

to tail!
By the time I got to Schneiders Channel, it was time to switch to a big gray mayfly that I was never quite able to identify... but no problem, that hatch gave way to the long awaited PMD's. These were pale PMD's that were emerging in the riffles. I caught at least a dozen fish wildly mending to get a bit of a drift as I was casting across a channel of fast water to a little seam. 

They are all beautiful, even the 14 inchers!
It worked often enough and sated, I left Schneider's and fished the PMD hatch to the takeout. What a GREAT day! Now I want another... soon! Maybe we'll get the classic Yellow Sallie, Black Caddis and PMD hatch all on the same day. Once again, I was reminded the Bighorn is a special place!

Last fish of the day under a sky that was a blushed pink.

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