Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tenkara Fishing Comes to Wyoming

The ancient Japanese art of Tenkara fly fishing in which only a rod, line and fly are used was practiced the past weekend by my nephew and Tenkara Zen master, Drew Overholser. My wife Sara and I were thrilled to watch the master practice this ancient and very effective method of fly-fishing.

The bamboo rod and tree bark creel (kawabachi) belonged to Shinaemon Toyama (1851-1920) 

So the above is a complete and utter lie! Drew and I found his kids' Dora the Explorer rod and reel set-up in his van and decided we had to catch a fish on this rig. Please notice our complicated rigging and especially the strike indicator! 

Taking hero shots is a serious business.

Sara checks out the Dora the Explorer "Strike Indicator".

It was hard not to crack a smile while we were taking these photos!


  1. I've been wrong most of my life. Buying Sage, Orvis, Scott, Winston Rods and Orvis, Nautilus, Bauer reels to become an accomplished flyfisheman and it really only took a dora explorer rod combo set! What a loser I am!

  2. Hi David,
    Our fly fishing economy would crash if a Dora the Explorer rod/reel combo was the solution!!

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