My Top 5 Bonefish Flies: #4 Peterson's Spawning Shrimp

As I stated in my previous report detailing the Gotcha as my #5 top choice, I am frequently asked what are my favorite flies for various bonefish destinations... but I am most frequently asked about the Bahamas because the fish can be somewhat finicky and fly selection therefore important.
So now it's time for my #4 pick and for that I'm choosing the spawning shrimp. Although there are many spawning shrimp patterns that have some of the elements I like, Peterson's Spawning Shrimp has all the elements I like. The bunny fur, long rubber legs, Gotcha body, and that orange butt make this fly a true winner. 
Peterson's Spawning Shrimp
The orange butt imitates the shrimp's spawning sac and it drives bonefish wild. It might be the added calories the bonefish get from the egg sac or maybe they just see it better, but whatever it is, the orange butt works!! It works so well that I often tie a Gotcha with an orange tail and it works great too!
Gotcha with an Orange Butt

Original recipe by Eric Peterson:
Hook: Mustad 34007 4, 6 or Gamakatsu SL11-3H or SS15 or TMC 811S 
Thread: Pink Danville flat waxed nylon 
Eyes: Puglisi shrimp eyes or melted 20-25 lb mono (optional: dipped in epoxy) 
Antennae: Black Krystal Flash 
Head/mouthparts: Blond craft fur or similar material, then several strands of Krystal Flash, usually pearl 
Legs: Rubber legs (silli-legs), lots of options here, but original tied with tan silicone legs (sometimes barred with markers)
Egg Sack: Orange egg yarn
Weight: 1/8 bead chain and/or small lead eyes to match size and sink rate needed 
Back and Body: 3-4 rabbit bunches staggered to give shape and barring. 
Bottom finish: Tan permanent marker or tan/pink EZ Body Paint (Chris Windram's product) as a thin coating along underside of fly. 

The following up-dated version of the Peterson's Spawning Shrimp is tied by S. S. Flies.

In their version of the pattern, the guys at S. S. Flies have substituted fox fur for the craft fur and used their unique dark blue mono eyes, but it's a direct interpretation of the original. The bunny fur, the eyes, rubber legs and antennae make this a very true-to-life shrimp pattern. This version is tied on the Gamakatsu SS15 hook.
If you are interested in buying this fly, give me a call (800-211-8530) or e-mail me at I'll give you a code for a discount and make appropriate size suggestions depending on the island you are fishing.