Monday, August 12, 2013

Drew Comes to Town

Drew and Scott take a break.

My nephew Drew Overholser called on Thursday saying he would be passing thru town on his way from Michigan to his his home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He wanted to know if my wife Sara and I were going to be around and if so, could he spend the night at our house.

Sara, Scott and the wonder dog, Gus!
"Of course!" We said. It's always great when relatives you like, and not just love, come to town. (I've been lucky... apart from a few (thank God no longer) in-laws, I like and love all my relatives!)
Drew arrived late Friday afternoon with a van filled with bikes, kids' toys and assorted family vacation paraphernalia. His wife and two kids had flown and Drew had driven so as to take all this vacation stuff and visit some relatives along the way. His kids, Quinn (now a pre-school fashionista ) and Wyatt (headed for kindergarten this fall), are already outdoor funhogs so you can imagine the type of gear he had in the van.
Anyway, we all went out to dinner and after a few martinis, talked Drew into spending an extra day with us so we could go fishing. We gathered rods and reels (more on this in my next post), waders, some snacks and the three of us along with Gus, the wonder dog, went up to the mountains on Saturday afternoon to see if we could catch some brook trout and cutthroats.

Sara hooked up!

The storm totally missed us!

After a bit of re-rigging and a short refresher course for Drew (he is an excellent skier, kayaker, rafter and outdoorsman, but hasn't had the time on the water with fly fishing), we hiked through the tall sage, beat our way through the willows and eventually found the river. It was in perfect shape and fish were already rising when we wet our feet for the first time.

Sara's turn to keep Gus out of the stream.

Beautiful Cutthroats!

Sara with a nice Cutty!
We had a GREAT day! Two of us fished at a time (the other kept Gus out of the stream) and everyone at least hooked, if not landed, a big cutthroat. 

Gus isn't sure about brookies.

Another brook trout
and another!


  1. I'm pretty sure back in the 1700's there was a Heywood in my family tree. We'll be stopping by for a month or two soon. Love the colors in the picture before the one with the storm cloud.

    Do you eat a few of those brook trout? They can over populate a stream pretty fast.

  2. You're always welcome!
    Yes, the cutts are catch and release only... the brook trout are not!... and you're right, as char they can take over a stream!