Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bird Hunting, Fly Fishing and the Importance of Old Friends

Man, this has been a great summer! It seems like every time I've gone fishing this summer, I've hit a good hatch, caught lots of fish and really enjoyed the company of an old friend.

This last Saturday, my old bird hunting buddy, Tim Rardin, and I met for an afternoon of conversation and catching up... with a bit of fishing thrown in. Tim and I have hunted together for about 25 years. We've been through five dogs together... that includes three German shorthairs (Tim's dogs) and two Weimaraners and one incredible yellow lab (my dogs).
I called Tim in the late morning and told him I was headed up the mountain to meet with a sales rep who was headed from Billings to Cody. Tim told me if he could get away, he would meet me in the mountains, but not to count on it (he was breaking up some concrete at the time).

I had my meeting over lunch at a local lodge and went fishing! After I had been fishing for about an hour, I saw Tim's red flatbed truck driving very slowly down the highway. Tim had obviously seen my car and knew I was somewhere in the willows. I waved, he honked and soon we were shaking hands and looking at pictures of his new pup on his camera! A few parachute Adams later, we had landed a bunch of fish and decided it was time to wander back to our rides. We agreed to get together again... soon!  

Adams and parachute Adams.... that's all we needed!

Thanks for making the effort to drive up the mountain Tim!  GREAT to see you! 


  1. I like the way you count. I'm going to remember that next time I owe you flies or money or something. Those cutthroat get prettier and prettier.

  2. OH yea, that's 6!
    ...and that is why you went to the Colorado School of Mines and I went to Fred's University. I'm not going to change it as a testament to my poor math skills.

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