Sunday, July 28, 2013

Gus, the Pointer, Goes Fly Fishing.

The qualities that make a good bird dog don't always make that animal the best companion on a fishing trip. Tenacity, curiosity, boundless energy and a desire to always be in the middle of all the action are essential in the field. These traits don't always work so well especially when fishing on a small stream.

I knew this when I took my Weimaraner, Gus, with me to a small stream in the Bighorns this weekend. Every hooked fish was pointed and stealth was not a priority. My patience was tested often, but I was prepared for it and took a deep breath when I got too serious. Gus by the way, had a GREAT time! The collar was being worn by Gus so he didn't decide to mix it up with any moose! See my previous post on this subject here.

We did well eh boss?

On point!
gus decided to go for a quick grab... that fish went back in the river pronto.

Another hard point!

Gus thought this was really fun, if not a bit weird.


  1. So I take it the injury to your arm when you fell into the beaver hole was nothing serious? You should make a little set of saddle bags for Gus and he could carry a sandwich and a beer for you. Good boy, Gus.

  2. Yeah, I think I'm OK. Regarding Gus as a pack animal:The beer would be crushed and the sandwich would be
    c.soaked with beer