Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Jim Woollett's big bonefish... and a few comments.

An e-mail received from Jim Woollett a few days after our just concluded Sea Hunter trip.  

These are my only 2 pics of my big bone [estimated at 9 lbs. and by the photos, he is all of that. ed] and thanks for putting together a fantastic trip to South Andros.  As you know, it's about living the dream and this was a dream come true for me!  

To the bonefish slayers and conch cripplers,
Gents, it was a wonderful trip and the memories are still vivid (even after a week of work…)   Thank you for letting the good times roll on the Sea Hunter; I enjoyed being on the water with you all!

Until the next trip, hope your Gully Wash cocktail (gin and coconut juice right?) is smooth, mon!  

Doc Peskoe in his senior Speedo with dinner!
Chilling after another great day!

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