Monday, April 8, 2013

Today's offerings on fishing-themed beers are from Jeff Rodenberg of Michigan and Doug Jeffries of California who have hoisted a few beers in each other's company!
First, Jeff offers Thirsty Trout Porter 
Jeff says: 

"As a home brewer, I love porters. When you boil the wort, in addition to an eclectic mix of malt and hops, you throw in just about anything hanging around in the refrigerator, yielding a brew that is always unique and flavorful. This is a refreshment perfect for soothing the nerves after a fishless winter day of throwing #32 dandruff midges to fussy sping creek browns. This porter in particular, is on the mild side for those not quite used to same, with a toasty, roasty mouthfeel characteristic of the style, a clean finish, and 7% ABV. Fear not a good old fashioned skunkin', Thirsty Trout Porter will relieve the pain!"

Doug offered:
"This Steelhead Extra Stout is from an old SF brewery and it's a tasty pint... ". 

Jeff piped in with this when he learned of Doug's suggestion: 
"Indeed! Stouts are the single malt scotch of beers! Doug is the man..."

Thanks to both of you!!

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