Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Beer from Michigan!

This is getting fun now!!! 
I have never heard of this beer, but Jeff Rodenberg issued this strong thumbs-up:

My first of several offerings from the Michigan/Great Lakes region. This one is for the tweedy traditionalists...perhaps even split bamboo users...inspired by Hemmingway and his classic Nick Adams stories, we have "Two Hearted Ale". 
Like the story, the author and the river, it's a big, bold hoppy beverage...put out by Bell's Brewery, perhaps the most acclaimed in our fine state...Several more to come as I work my way thru this most enjoyable R&D task...


  1. Like Wonder Bread it must help build strong bodies 12 ways because Jeff could throw the "humping lemming fly" all day long in Mongolia.

  2. Indeed it was a critical component of the pre-trip training Doug. That, fortified by a nip of Azul from a great chap who salvaged my GLX 9-weight from the "O", and the occasional el Tigre during the trip, kept the 3-section "swooshing" thru the air over (most of the time rather than in to) the heads of my fellow anglers...