Saturday, March 30, 2013

Here are three more beers...

Here are three more fly fishing beers... 
Two are named after cutthroat trout (one pale ale and a porter) and one named after a famous stream (and equally famous nymph pattern and in this case, a brown ale) from the west slope of the Tetons, Bitch Creek! 
Great labels, great fish, great nymph, great stream! I love this sport!

Time for a beer!


  1. Fantastic Scott, love to see more!

  2. My take away from this thread is that drinking these beers can make you move out west and turn you into a fly shop owning, drift boat rowing, fly fishing guide with a maniacal grin. They should put a warning on the label.

  3. I'm gonna take that as a compliment! I do love good beer and if there is a fish on the label, so much the better!