Thursday, March 7, 2013

Details on Doug Root's Big Triggerfish

Many have asked for more details on Doug Root's incredible triggerfish... 
I asked Doug and he was kind enough to provide some more info even though he was playing catch-up at work after his trip to Los Roques. His answers bode well for his angling future! He combines humility with accuracy... his fish karma is indeed good!
Here is what Doug had to say about his trigger:

Not surprising.  It was pretty random.  I didn’t weigh it, but I would estimate it  in the 15 to 20 lb range.  It was definitely well over 10 lbs and probably well over 15 lbs, but I am a terrible judge without a boga grip.  My buddy actually looked up the world record and said it was 13 lbs so maybe I could have had something there if I even knew what I was catching.  I was still shocked to see that fish feeding on the flat.
I got it on a bonefish bitters.  It was basically tailing on an angle on the flat.  I thought it was a ray at first and was going to pass it by but I asked the boatmen what it was while the guide was down the flat with my wife and while he couldn’t tell me what it was he told me to cast at it.  I casted at it a few times and stripped and it wouldn’t move toward the fly at all so I just left the fly sitting on the bottom in front of him/her in the turtle grass and next thing I knew it was blowing off the flat and peeling line.  It was awesome. The horn on it’s head is incredible. 

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