Monday, March 18, 2013

Bahamas Out Island Life

A few more reasons to love the Bahamas...

In our hectic work-a-day world, there never seems to be enough time. Client meetings, kids, job sites, patients and customers fill our schedules to the brim. In the out-islands of the southern Bahamas, time and responsibility are reckoned differently. Jobs and work are, of course, prioritized and important, but family and friendship are never neglected. Here, time seems to slow down a bit or at least proceed at a more manageable pace.

One of the best reasons to go to the Out Islands (besides the fishing, of course) is to experience this decompression of time. In the Out Islands, there is always time to talk and take a deep breath. For many, the day's activities are governed by the realities of the sea and weather. Fishing is a way of life in the Bahamas. The natives develop their skills on the ocean at an early age spurred on by the need to gather the expertise necessary for survival.

In the Out Islands, there is time for some fun. We can learn a few things from the inhabitants of these islands... as if we needed another reason to visit the Bahamas!




  1. It truly is another world, and a fantastic way of life. You have to experience it to understand how different it can be, especially for a European like me :-) Love the Bahamas both for the fishing and the people and hope to be back there soon!!