Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Junkanoo Parade in the Bahamas: Kalik Beer Issues Special Label

     Junkanoo is a Bahamian festival which includes a parade complete with dancers in elaborate costumes and loud percussion music. Junkanoo occurs on many islands in the Bahamas every Boxing Day (December 26). The parade is a prelude to a great party!
     Kalik beer, which is beloved by many fishermen who visit the islands, is so named because of the sound traditional Junkanoo cowbells make during these parades. Kalik issued a special label for the parade this year. Pretty cool!

Photo by Bob Mankin
Ben Fordahl celebrates a great day on Crooked Island in the Bahamas!


  1. Nice label, and very very nice beer! Brings back great memories of Crooked Island and the wonderful people there, and of course the great fishing!!!!

  2. That'd make a great t-shirt. April can't get here fast enough now (well, at least after Feb 9th anyway).