Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Water Cay, Grand Bahama Island Trip Report from Bob Mankin

I just received a trip report from Bob Mankin on his recent trip to Water Cay Bonefish Lodge in the Bahamas. Bob is a long time friend who went to the lodge with another good friend, Jim Dean, in December. As many of you know, I think Water Cay is one of the best BIG bonefish spots in the Bahamas and thanks to Bob and Jim for being such good fishermen and giving me some more proof!

Bob writes:

Scott here are some pics from Water Cay in December.  

The picture with Jim wearing the hood up on his coat is with my fish just to show the difference in perspective. The picture of Jim with his hood off is his big fish.

Sidney thought my fish was 10 lbs. The one I landed in 2011 with Sidney was 12 lbs.  Now you see why I'm hooked on Water Cay!
Bob with 2011 fish
Sidney Thomas with Bob's 2011 fish.

....and here is a funny story from Bob:
When I went to Water Cay in December this year I had some party beads from New Orleans. So I made:
blue = one fish
3 blue = 1 bronze (3 fish)
1 bronze and 2 blue = silver (5 fish)
3 bronze and 1 blue = gold (10 fish)
I must have been bored or under the influence to come up with this, but we all had fun with it. Kay [the great cook at the lodge] always asked about the beads at the end of the day. I left the beads at the lodge.
That's the story of why I am wearing beads in the picture of me under the Water Cay sign.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

If you ever have any clients that want a reference on Water Cay, feel free to give them my e-mail address.
Will do Bob, and many thanks!


  1. Mankin = Bogarter of conch fritters, smoker of stogies, catcher of big bonefish, and creator of weird bead currency laws.

  2. Hey, they put up a new sign on the dock!

  3. yes, and they gotta get rid of the web address as that is no longer correct!