Saturday, January 5, 2013

Alaska Silver Salmon on a Frog Fly!

Last August, there were many fresh silvers moving upriver from the ocean. These silvers were bright chrome and some still had sea lice attached to their bodies. Thanks to these fresh fish, we had some fantastic meals and some stupendous fishing! When we ran into our first pod of fresh silvers, they were resting in a big eddy. I didn't have my Pollywog box with me at the time. I only had my mouse box and one garish frog pattern that I wanted to try with the rainbows. When we got on the silvers, I thought I would give this bright green deer-hair frog a try... even though there are no frogs on Alaska! 
As you can see, our chagrinned guide lost my only frog and potentially our dinner at the same!
No problem, I put on a mouse and caught another silver minutes later.


  1. I've read this and watched the video several times over the last few days and can only conclude that your peanut butter had gone bad.

  2. Oh c'mon Doug... you gotta love that song! Does peanut butter go bad?
    Once when we were kayaking on the Aichilak River in Alaska's arctic, we hit the coast on the Beaufort Sea and stopped at an old DEW (Distant Early Warning) radar site that was at the time protecting us from Soviet missiles. We ate peanut butter that was from the 50's. At least 40 years old at the time. It was pretty good!
    In any case, are you telling me my crackers have slid off the tray or that my tray table is not in its full upright and locked position?

  3. S THAT's why they shut down the DEWey system!

    Based on my old military days and even before that when as kids in Panama we'd talk the GI's out of their C rations, it do take quite a bit of doing to let the peanut butter go bad (at least the good stuff with all the preservatives). If it's in a tin like the C rations it might last forever.

    I'm going to refrain from further comment about your crackers or the angle of your tray table because I'm hoping we're going to be fishing together in less than a month and I sleep too soundly to give you any reason for trickery.