Sunday, August 26, 2012

This is Fly: Bahamas1980's

The latest issue of the on-line magazine This Is Fly has a story I wrote on bonefishing in the Bahamas in the 80's. Here is how the story came to be...
A month or so ago I told Paris Fleezanis, the editor of THIS IS FLY, that I had scanned a bunch of my old slides from the Bahamas from the 80's and early 90's. Paris and I are good friends and have done a bunch of fishing trips together. Paris is very interested in the history of bone fishing and (very persuasively) asked me to write a story and send him some photos. I agreed (even though I was headed to Alaska in a few days). I started culling photos and writing text. It turned out to be an enjoyable process! 
Here is the result: BAHAMAS 1980'S Click lower right (or left) to change the pages. The photos from the story (with a few additions) are below:

Charlie Smith ties his famous Crazy Charlie (then called a Nasty Charlie).

My dear old friend Chuck Ash, Alaska guide extraordinaire, lands a big bone on Abaco 

An early kayak exploration. Looks for a Campsite.

Finding boats was always an adventure!
Goo Jennings' Dad

From The Turks and Caicos: technically still on the Bahmaas Bank. Nice tailgate!


  1. Goo looks like he must have been 70+ so his Dad must have been 90+. Pretty cool. I wonder if my wife would let me paint the tailgate of my truck like that?

  2. Goo was approx. 75 and his Dad was 95 at the time! ... I'm sure your wife wouldn't mind a bit of color on the old pick-up!