Monday, July 23, 2012

Ladyfish Video from Ragged Island

Ladyfish are the poor man's tarpon. Ragged Island has several spots where these great fly rod gamefish are found. While not as strong as their brethren, they are like a cross between a tarpon and a bonefish. Ladyfish jump like crazy and are a hoot! While not the marquis species on Ragged Island, there are found consistently and man do they pound the fly and jump. They'll give baby tarpon a run for their money! 
Click here for the video from You-Tube: Ladyfish Video


  1. Hi Scott- all things being equal, a ladyfish will destroy a tarpon. If you've ever caught a five pound lady and the same weight tarpon, the sabalito is like Pee Wee Herman. I shutter to think how a 40 pound lady would fight if they existed. Great blog, Scott ! :)

  2. Thanks Jan and thanks for making the comment!