Monday, July 16, 2012

Fishing with Anna

My good friend Anna Riggs visited us in late June. Anna, her husband John, and I have traveled around the world together having been to the Bahamas, Mongolia and the Amazon. On this visit, Anna fished with us for six days and got to explore many of the private ranches in our area. Anna and I got to fish together two days. One day we fished for cutthroats in the Big Horns and the other day we fished the Hole-In-The-Wall area near Kaycee, Wyoming for rainbows and browns. We had great weather and terrific fishing both days. 

On our Kaycee day, a strong breeze had fanned a lightening strike into a full blown forrest fire. In the morning the smoke scratched at our throats and cast a weird rosey light on the river. By mid-day the smoke had cleared, but by late afternoon a shift in the wind brought the smoke again, this time in even thicker waves. The fire was annoying, but effected our fishing NOT one bit... we caught dozens, hell scores, of feisty rainbows and solid browns. We were on fire (not literally)!

The bigger fish held in the shadows and occupied the better lies. Every run presented a new puzzle to solve and new water to read... 

We used big terrestrial patterns... harlequine hoppers, chubby Chernobyls and Turks Tarantulas. It was a the perfect summer day! The kind you dream about in February...


  1. Hey you! Stop annoying my cattle.

  2. Lots of big bulls on that ranch that didn't give way easily!!