Monday, June 18, 2012

Wendtland Boys Return from Tarpon Cay

If you'll remember, Tony Wendtland and his son, Taylor were going to Tarpon Cay in early June when I posted some photos of his other son Kit from a 2008 trip to Tarpon Cay (photos posted on May 30). 
Tony sent me some photos of this year's trip this weekend. The photos were great to see and when I commented on the one of Taylor being a kid on the bow of the skiff, Tony said, 
"Isn't it interesting how a 15 year old kid like Taylor can find a way to enjoy the time that an old guy like me would manage to ignore."
Tony continued, "Scott, we had a great time as usual. I hope I can do another trip next year."
Thanks Tony!

 Tony with a nice sabalito!

Taylor hooked up.

My favorite photo!

The best time to tarpon fish!

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