Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ragged Island Lodge Opens Its Doors

Ragged Island Lodge is back in business!

Photo by Tosh Brown
After being closed for two years, I'm excited to announce that Ragged Island Lodge will be opening its doors once again beginning this fall!. With little or no pressure on this fishery for the past two years, we are excited to be able to offer trips to this area again! We will be organizing a limited schedule for this fall and a three month schedule for spring 2013.
Just to remind you, this is a destination for adventuresome anglers only. Ragged Island and the Jumento Cays to the north offers a great fishery including flats for bonefish and permit, numerous patch reefs for snapper and 'cudas and an extensive bluewater edge accessed with a 31’ Contender for tuna, wahoo, etc.

Tosh Brown Photo
Ragged Island gives a view of the old days in the Bahamas
This ability to so easily fish such a wide variety of habitats and species is unique in the Bahamas. It is also one of the main reasons why not a week goes by without someone (often who had visited the island a few years ago) asking, “Is Ragged going to open up ever again?” ...Now we can finally say "YES!"
Scott Heywood photo from pre-lodge days on Ragged Island

If your looking for adventure in a pristine environment, this is it! While not for everyone, the lodge offers comfortable, but not luxurious amenities, island fare with an emphasis on seafood and eager, if not polished, guides. 
For more info on this rarely fished and spectacular area, please get in touch with us at: 
(800) 211 - 8530 or email me at: Scott S. Heywood

More info: Ragged Island Lodge

                                                                                                                      Two Bottom Photos by Tosh Brown


  1. That place looks more than a little bit awesome.

    1. It is! There aren't many places left like Ragged Island. I've had some incredible days here. Sorry for the delay in responding to you. I just got back from Crooked Island last night. I'll post some photos soon! Thanks for commenting, Scott

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