Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Domestic Tranquility Index

Here is an e-mail exchange from a few days ago that I thought was funny. It occurred between our office manager Kate, and a client (who shall go nameless for obvious reasons). 
As any devout angler knows, it is very important to keep things peaceful on the home front or it becomes much more difficult to negotiate your next fishing trip. We all intuitively know this, but is is very clearly termed in this e-mail exchange below. 
Anyone who cares to wade in with advice, additions or suggestions, have at it. Seems like a topic most diehard anglers have some experience with and if not, they should!. Again, the names have been changed to protect the guilty!

e-mail #1:
Hi Kate,
Well it appears we have entered and engaged in the pre-trip “antsy” stage of our bonefishing trip. Lots to do and think about, tackle fondling ...nothing that is important. Although, to that end, if you could send the emergency and other relevant trip phone contact information (Bahamas) to each of the participants... we think our Domestic Tranquility Index (DTI) will rise.

Kate responds:
Hi Bob,
Scott wanted me to ask if you have ever succumbed to the purchase of jewelry on trips to increase the DTI?

Bob responds:
As Scott no doubt knows, DTI management is an art and not a science. It can be confusing as often you think the index is above 100 only to find out to your amazement it is in the 70’s. One of the major reasons we choose to vacation in remote places is exactly because there are no jewelry stores. Consequently straw woven native made placemats and monkey heads on a stick still seem to work (bit of a customs problem with the later)... but how many is enough??

Kate's answer:
Hi Bob 
Scott and I are laughing so hard! Scott says, "Amen - it's so true." He mentioned a beaded necklace from the Amazon! He'd like to post this exchange on his blog, if you don't mind. We can use your name, or make it anonymous, whichever is less likely to have a negative effect on the DTI.

And Bob immediately set us straight:
Duh...I choose anonymous!

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