Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sometimes Fish Catch You

     The wind's force had not yet collected itself. It was a perfectly calm morning. A single cloud boiled out of the horizon like a giant fortress. The thunderhead's reflection was carried all the way back to me by the glassy sheen of the ocean's surface. Our concentration was held by a school of bonefish nervously headed our way. Occasionally, they would stop briefly to forage. Their tails would pop to the surface and dart back and forth looking like a fleet of miniature sailboats tacking feverishly into the wind. 

     As the bonefish got closer, one tail seemed to loom above the others. So much for quiet contemplation. I false casted once, then twice, then released my fly on a trajectory that pierced the oily surface only inches away from the spot where I had last seen the biggest tail. Before I could even start my retrieve, my line shot out and I was on the reel. Line melted off my reel as I prepared myself for a major battle, but just as suddenly, the fish stopped. I began to retrieve line. After another very short run, I landed a two pound bonefish.

"Nice job." Patrick said, a big smile spreading across his Bahamian face. "You managed to catch the smallest fish in the school." 
Some days humility is simply forced upon you.
-SSH Journal 1992
Sandy Point, Great Abaco Island, Bahamas


  1. Love the cloud pics. Hey, you should do a thread with just scenery pics.

  2. Thanks and good suggestion Doug!
    I'll start to collecting scenery photos as I edit stories and post them soon.