Friday, April 13, 2012

Questions About Prescription Sunglasses

For the serious fisherman, the most important question regarding equipment is not about rods or reels or flies... it's about what you put on your eyes! If you can't see the fish, the best rod or the smoothest drag or the best fly pattern is worth zip. Experienced anglers know this and often ask me this crucial question:
    "In your opinion who makes the best RX polaroid sunglass and what is the best color lens for prescription sunglasses?"
     Here is my answer:
I like Smith Sunglasses. Some people know them as Action Optics, but AO is owned by Smith. I like the Igniter or Copper lens color. I prefer the polarchromic lens if your RX can be made in this glass lens. 
The frame style should be dictated by the size of your head and your personal preference. 
Whatever you choose, I want a frame style that covers your field of vision and filters enough light so you don't have to squint. 
But back to Smith Optics...
Their primary Fishing RX Dispensing Optician is Janet Bagley and she is well versed in the intricacies of RX’s. Her direct line is 208-726-6524. 
Mention Angling Destinations or me, Scott Heywood, and I'm sure they will bend over backwards to help you. (Make sure you include your PD (pupil distance) with your RX.)
E-mail me at: 
and I'll send you a PDF of their RX order form:


  1. Smiths rock. Have fished the polarchromic copper lens for years now and the lenses look brand new. Not one scratch. The difference on the flats is amazing, plus I can put them on as early as I like and fish them till pretty much dark. No flies in the eyes for this guy.

    1. Thanks for your comment Windknot. I too have copper Smith RX sunglasses and love them. It is amazing how well they have held up. Thanks again for taking the time to comment,

  2. Without a doubt the new Kaenon SR91 in amber is the best flats glass I have ever worn. (I do not get paid to say that) Our fish can be quite hard to see at times and these lenses give me a huge advantage.

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  3. I've had a pair of prescription Oakley Flak Jackets for a year now. I love them. The "hydra"-whatever coating works well to keep the salt spots off of them. Very light and comfortable as well.